Simlat Selected to Deliver Integrated High Fidelity UAS Training & Simulation System to a Large Scale Synthetic Environment Lab

Simlat Ltd. selected to provide high fidelity UAS training system to a Large Scale Synthetic Environment lab. The system, Simlat C-STAR (Full Crew Training System) simulator includes high fidelity simulation of UAS generic platforms and payloads, all in a high end 3D environment - including 3D terrain and modeled targets. The simulator is designed to provide training for UAS pilots and payload operators, and supports diverse training goals, from learning the basics to mission rehearsal and experimental operation.

Simlat’s flexible architecture and scalable design allows the training system to easily run collaborative training sessions via DIS/HLA standard protocols and technology.

“We are pleased to have Simlat's systems integrated in a cutting edge lab, involving manned/unmanned exercises", says Roy Peshin, Simlat’s CTO, "this emphasizes Simlat's interoperability, allowing the UAS training system to take part in a much wider and diverse context.”

Source: Simlat Ltd.
Date: Oct 17, 2012