MBDA KFK Demonstrator Successfully Tested

The KFK missile undertook its first firing demonstration on 19 September 2012 at the military training centre in Baumholder, Germany. This demonstrator was tested in the presence of German officials with two successful unguided firings with the missile travelling the planned distance in each case.

Under the project supervision of MBDA Germany, MBDA with the support of various government offices has been financing a Technology Demonstration Programme with its own resources for around one year. The missile concept was developed by building on the mission experience of the German Bundeswehr and more generally on the lessons learned from recent conflicts. Ongoing military missions have revealed the particular need for a compact, light-weight, low-cost, precision multipurpose weapon that can be transported and operated by a single operator.

The KFK concept is intended as an effective enhancement to existing shoulder-fired infantry weapon systems, delivering highly precise effects against a large target spectrum whilst enhancing gunner protection.

“We are pursuing this project drawing on multinational capabilities across MBDA. This multinational approach is particularly interesting in view of the shrinking budgets in Europe's defence markets. MBDA is breaking new ground here with respect to the rapid, multinational implementation of innovative solutions for international customers” explains Peter Heilmeier, Market and Business Development Director at MBDA Germany.
Further KFK test firings are planned for 2013.

Source: MBDA
Date: Oct 17, 2012