SYS Technologies to Present Its Medi-T System

SYS Technologies - which develops, produces, and distributes breakthrough products in the field of clean environment technology - will be presenting its Medi-T Clean Environment Unit at AUSA 2012. Medi-T is a compact folding unit that rapidly creates a clean medical treatment environment/operating room for Military and HLS emergency medical teams, using cutting-edge positive pressure and HEPA filtering technology.  The Medi-T inflatable "clean room" unit is designed to support field deployments in response to emergency operations, military operations, or mass-casualty emergencies. The Medi-T System will be presented at the AUSA Annual Meeting, October 22-24 in Washington, DC, at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center, Israel Pavilion, Hall B, Booth 1866.

The Medi-T System can be easily stored and carried from place to place, and, when needed, can be deployed and erected in a few seconds, enabling the medical team to perform emergency operations in a clean space within minutes of arriving at the site. Using Medi-T, the health teams can stabilize patients and field casualties prior to transporting them to a hospital.

Medi-T includes full environmental control mechanisms that check the filters and ensure an exceptionally high level of sterility. Built-in air filtration maintains 99.99% filtration efficiency for 0.3 micron particles and larger, meeting ISO 6 acceptance criteria for an airborne particulate cleanness level. An integrated climate control system can be provided separately.

The system, which can be folded into 3 hand-carried bags, includes inflatable construction, aluminum support structure, blower, filtering and lighting systems - and weights a total of ±120 kg. Each single 2.4 x 4.5 x 3.3-meter unit can be connected to additional Medi-T units, thus creating a large operation space, according to the specific needs, all while keeping the same sterility level .

According to Dr. Shalom Zilbershmidt, a co-founder of the company, "We are proud to present Medi-T at AUSA, following its successful development, quality assurance tests and proven use in saving lives in emergency situations. Medical teams can save the lives of those who require emergency treatment in the field by setting up a sterile environment in record time. The system is already being used by a number of customers, and negotiations are in process with several more, with additional orders expected in the coming months."

Source: SYS Technologies
Date: Oct 17, 2012

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