Marine Alutech Awarded EUR 32 M from Finnish Navy Command

Watercat M18 AMC high speed landing crafts will be delivered during 2014-2016 for Finnish Navy. Landing Crafts are multipurpose high speed crafts with high transportation capacity combined with effective protection and weapon systems.

Watercat M18 AMC is suitable for troop transportation, medical- and evacuation tasks, landing operations, patrolling and escorting tasks as well to battle and battle support functions. Vessel is designed for archipelago-, coastal- and offshore conditions. Effective heating and air-conditioning system allows vessel to be operated in cold as well in excessive heat. Ballistic- and CBRN-protection systems secure safe operation for crew and troops in all design conditions.

Vessel has state of the art integrated navigation and communication systems. Including satellite navigation and positioning systems, radar, forward looking sonar, AIS, Inmarsat-C, autopilot and onboard camera monitoring system. Comprehensive radio equipment includes sea-, authority- and data communications. Onboard communication is provided by an intercom system.

Vessel has two 660kW diesel main engines with a waterjet propulsion. Modern hull design combined with high weight-to-power ration guarantees excellent handling and sea keeping capability in all design sea states. State-of-the art electronic propulsion control system (drive-by-wire) and network based vessel control system is distributed and duplicated to secure functionality in any situation. Vessels cruising speed is 35 knots and top speed exceeding 40 knots. Range in fully loaded condition exceeds 200 nautical mile.

Watercat M18 AMC is equipped with Remote controller Weapon Station ( RWS) and manual operated weapon pedestals. Primary weapon is 12,7 Heavy Machine Gun or 40 mm Automatic Grenade Launcher. Coaxial weapon is 7,62 Machine Gun.

Source: Marine Alutech Oy Ab
Date: Oct 15, 2012