NATS Orders Micro Nav Best 3d Tower Simulator

The UK National Air Traffic Services (NATS) has ordered a BEST ATC Tower Simulator from Micro Nav to be located at London Heathrow Airport. The major, advanced system will simulate all the many changes planned for NATS airports over the coming years and will be used familiarization and evaluation as well as training controllers for the new control tower at Heathrow. A 360-degree, three-dimensional, panoramic display will show a realistic out-the-window view from both the existing and the new towers. The cylindrical screen will be 10 metres in diameter and will combine the outputs of ten powerful projectors with edge matching and blending to give a continuous field of view. It will enclose a representative simulation of the new tower cab positions, equipment and layout. The latest visualization technology will be incorporated. Evans & Sutherland will supply their EP-10 image generators and 3D modeling of the airport, aircraft and ground vehicles. BARCO will supply their SIM6 projectors, the screen and display infrastructure. The simulator will replicate day, night, dusk and dawn conditions with seasonal and adverse weather conditions including fog, clouds, rain and winds. All the effects and operating scenarios are run by the BEST host system and are selected and controlled by the instructors. Micro Nav are the prime contractors and will supply the BEST ATC tower and radar simulator with tower working positions; pseudo-pilot positions, data preparation and support workstations. BEST can simulate the existing and the new Heathrow airport layouts plus any further changes to be evaluated. It has the capacity to handle the high traffic levels as well as the complexities of the Heathrow operations. BEST is being customised to cover the many new facilities and procedures being introduced at Heathrow. These include: the New Control Tower Building; Terminal 5; The Microwave Landing System and The Advanced Surface Movement Guidance and Control System. It will also be able to work with simulations of the large aerodrome lighting control panels and electronic flight strip system for controller training. The major new simulator will be housed in the existing tower building and will enter service before the end of the year. Initially it will be used by tower controllers and associated staff for familiarization, practice and conversion training for the new control tower. In the future it will also be used by other NATS airports to support developments such as additional runways and other new projects. This award extends the relationship between the UK NATS and Micro Nav that includes: the supply of 2D tower and radar simulators for Heathrow Airport; the supply of radar approach and area simulators for the College at Hurn, Dorset and the supply of area radar simulators for the En Route Centre at Swanwick, Hampshire. Micro Nav have a successful 17 year track record of supplying and supporting radar and tower simulators for civil and military air traffic management agencies world wide. The BEST simulators provide everything needed from Beginning to End for Simulation and Training and are used by many national authorities world wide. Micro Nav also supply fighter controller and military ATC simulators. Contact: Tom Howard-Jones New Business Director Micro Nav Ltd Tel: + 44 1202 764444

Source: Micro Nav
Date: Jul 26, 2005

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