Tactical Air Defense Services Acquires F-5 Aircraft Simulator

Tactical Air Defense Services, Inc. (OTCQB: TADF), an aerospace/defense services contractor that offers tactical aviation services, aircraft maintenance, and other aerospace/defense services to the United States and Foreign militaries, is pleased to announce that it has purchased an F-5 aircraft mission and procedures cockpit training simulator for $250,000, through its wholly-owned subsidiary, AeroTech Corporation.

The F-5 training device uses a commercial COTS computer system, housed in a specifically fabricated F-5 cockpit, to provide a realistic F-5 flight simulation experience. The F-5 simulator is used to train pilots for basic flight characteristics and for emergency situations, and to complement actual flight time in an F-5 aircraft.

TADF is one of only a few commercial companies to own an F-5 aircraft simulator, and is comparable to the two F-5 simulators that were recently sold by L-3 Communications to the U.S. Navy for approximately $3 million each.

To see Col. Scott Patterson, Chief Operating Officer of our wholly-owned subsidiary, AeroTech, test "flying" an F-5 simulator prior to our purchase decision, please watch the movie.

Together with the F-5 aircraft recently purchased by TADF through the acquisition of Northrop TF5-1 Corp., and the additional two F-5 aircraft to be acquired through the pending acquisition of Globalease Corporation, TADF intends to use the F-5 aircraft simulator in support of tactical aviation contracts for which it is bidding through its wholly owned subsidiary, AeroTech Corporation, as well as to offer the F-5 aircraft simulator as a stand-alone service offering that compliments actual flight time in an F-5.

Alexis C. Korybut, Chief Executive Officer of TADF, stated, "An F-5 simulator is an exceptionally useful training device that is very difficult to acquire, but which has great demand from the numerous countries operating F-5 aircraft, and we are very pleased to have been able to acquire this highly sought-after training device because it is another important piece of military equipment that together with our F-5 aircraft, enables TADF to provide an unmatched offering of tactical aviation services."

Source: Tactical Air Defense Services, Inc.
Date: Oct 11, 2012