Systematic and LM working together to propose an Electronic Warfare Support System

Systematic and Lockheed Martin Corporation are in the process of finalizing terms that will allow them to work together on the establishment of an Electronic Warfare Support System (EWSS) to support the Danish Maritime Helicopter Program (MHP).  Contingent on selection of the US Navy’s MH-60R being offered by industry Team SEAHAWK, this project would commence after contract award.

The MH-60R helicopter is equipped with the Lockheed-Martin Electronic Support Measures (ESM) system which provides comprehensive situational awareness and threat warning by scanning the electromagnetic environment and acquiring, identifying, and locating radar signals through the use of internal threat libraries.  The EWSS will provide an organic capability for Denmark to maintain the threat libraries that are critical to the performance of the system.

“With the growing interest in the MH-60R in the international market and the on-going  MHP competition, we are seeking Danish industry partners to help support the MH-60R in Denmark”,   said Tom Kane, Lockheed Martin’s director of Naval Helicopter Programs.   “We have been working with Systematic on the details of providing the EWSS project as part of our industrial cooperation package for review and approval by the Danish Business Authority (DBA).”

Systematic has been providing support to the Danish Navy’s Electronic Warfare Centre (EWC) for more than 15 year’s and their EWare product is being used for day-to-day management of electronic warfare data. The proposed EWSS will see the integration of EWare with the Lockheed Martin ESM system which will simplify the management and production of mission specific EW data libraries. The EWSS will also have an associated ‘HOT-BENCH’ verification facility for testing EW data prior to operational use, which would be maintained and supported by Systematic staff.

“This project offers Systematic the chance to gain new knowledge in supporting the MH-60R and in turn the opportunity to increase staff supporting the Danish Navy at the EWC” says Michael Holm, President and CEO of Systematic. “We are also eager to explore the other joint opportunities with Lockheed Martin, both in our home Danish market as well as internationally.”

The MH-60R is being offered for Denmark’s Ship-based/Maritime Helicopter competition by the United States Navy under the United States Government’s Foreign Military Sales program. In addition to Lockheed Martin, other members of Team SEAHAWK include airframe manufacturer Sikorsky Aircraft Corp., engine manufacturer General Electric, sensor system manufacturer Raytheon and training systems manufacturer CAE.

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Source: Systematic
Date: Oct 11, 2012