Cobham Wins USAF Contract for Deployable Medical Oxygen Systems

Cobham has received a new contract from the US Air Force’s Air Combat Command for the Deployable Oxygen Generation System- Medium (DOGS-M) systems, adding to its growing line of medical oxygen products. This initial contract is valued at $3 million with a total program value estimated at $20M to efficiently serve the requirements for customers world-wide.

“The DOGS-M is the new standard in point-of-use medical oxygen generation and cylinder recharging capability, being rugged, portable, reliable and safe” said Kelly Coffield, president of Cobham Life Support. “The availability of high volume medical oxygen provides the medical practitioner with flexibility for respiratory treatment in the field.”

The DOGS-M system is a cost savings alternative to cylinders, providing users with logistics and storage space savings. The DOGS-M system has been fully validated and is compatible with recharging the MOST (Mobile Oxygen Storage Tank) storage systems and interfacing with the PODS (Patient Oxygen Delivery System) hospital oxygen distribution system.

Cobham looks forward to the introduction of the DOGS-M line to additional military medical service groups as it expands its military medical product offerings.

Source: Cobham Plc (LSE: COB.L)
Date: Oct 9, 2012