Astronics Delivers 600th Max-Viz Enhanced Vision System to Cirrus

Astronics Corporation (NASDAQ: ATRO), a leading provider of advanced technologies for the global aerospace and defense industries, announced it has delivered the 600th Max-Viz enhanced vision system (EVS) for installation on Cirrus SR22 airplanes.

Based on infrared technology, Astronics’ Max-Viz 600 enhanced vision system improves safety of flight and situational awareness by helping penetrate haze, light fog, smoke and precipitation eight to ten times farther than the unaided human eye can see during day or night. It requires no programming or interpretation and permits pilots to clearly see unlit obstacles during taxi, takeoff and landing. In flight, pilots use the system to avoid clouds, fly between layers and observe detailed surface features, such as ground-based obstacles and mountain terrain.

“The Cirrus-integrated Max-Viz 600 EVS is currently being chosen by more than 60 percent of new Cirrus SR22 owners as an option, which we believe is a reflection of its effectiveness for single-engine operations,” noted Peter J. Gundermann, President and CEO of Astronics. “The Max-Viz 600 integrates seamlessly with the aircrafts’ multifunction display using visible and infrared light to show terrain, landmarks, cloud buildups and ground objects such as parked aircraft, animals or people.”

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The Max-Viz 600 was designed to fill the need for general aviation piston and slower single engine turboprop fixed wing aircraft, and is also certified for the Robinson R-44 helicopter. The Max-Viz line of enhanced vision systems also includes the Max-Viz 1500, a dual optical field of view EVS with patented image software for turbine rotorcraft, fixed wing turboprop and jets.

Source: Astronics Corporation
Date: Oct 8, 2012