ITW Military GSE Selected to Supply Facility Converters at Iwakuni Marine Corps Air Station

ITW Military GSE (a division of Hobart Ground Systems), has been selected to provide its Dual Output Facility Converter for the construction of a new aircraft hangar at Iwakuni Marine Corp Air Station in Iwakuni, Japan. The facility converter selected is the new 270 VDC / 400 Hz Dual Output Converter; one version meets NEMA 4 requirements for installation on the flight line apron while the other version is for indoor use only. The hangars will support both legacy and next generation fighter aircraft using the dual converter and can also be used for current rotor wing and fixed wing aircraft. It can supply power to legacy aircraft, such as the F-22 with 400Hz AC electrical system and newer aircraft, such as the F-35 with 270V DC. The contract, worth $2.9 million dollars, calls for delivery by January 2013.

The patented 270 VDC / 400 Hz Dual Output Converter, from ITW Military GSE, was the first power supply of its type in the industry. The 270 VDC meets the tough requirements for today’s most advanced fighter aircraft, such as the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter and the F-22. The Dual Output Converter is UL1012 Listed, meets UFGS specifications and also meets and exceeds MIL-STD-704F with the added advantage of individual phase control. The no-break power transfer feature eliminates a power spike when going from APU to GPU. The unique dual output converter is compact, lightweight, quiet, and extremely small. It can be floor or overhead mounted, and is available on a small trailer for ease of mobility.  

Source: ITW Military GSE, Hobart Ground Systems
Date: Oct 2, 2012