GOL Airlines becomes 1st South American operator to order LEAP-1B-powered 737 MAX

Brazilian low-cost carrier GOL Linhas Aéreas Inteligentes S.A. today announced a firm order for advanced LEAP-1B engines to power 60  Boeing 737 MAX airplanes.

“We are very pleased to continue our long relationship with CFM,” said Paulo Kakinoff, CEO of GOL Airlines.  “The quality and world-class reliability of the CFM56 engine family has been instrumental in helping us grow and to achieve our goals of providing our passengers with the best possible service using safe, modern, fuel efficient airplanes.  Based on our long experience, we expect nothing less from the new LEAP engine and look forward to introducing it into our fleet.”

GOL has been a CFM customer since it began operations in January 2001 and the airline has grown into an agile, innovative airline operating a high-tech fleet of new, modern aircraft.  GOL currently offers more than 810 flights daily on 51 domestic Brazilian routes and 12 international destinations.  Its current fleet consists of 128 CFM56-7-powered Boeing Next-Generation 737-700/-800 aircraft.

“GOL Airline’s current fleet is entirely powered by CFM56 engines, and we are certainly honored that it has entrusted its future single-aisle fleet to the new LEAP engine,” said Jean-Paul Ebanga, president and CEO of CFM International.

“We have been with GOL since the very beginning,” said Doug Izarra, sales general manager for CFM at today’s signing ceremony.  “We have built an incredibly strong relationship with the team there and feel that we understand both their concerns, as well as their goals.  LEAP is a truly revolutionary engine and the LEAP-powered 737 MAX will help GOL achieve many of its objectives by providing incredible fuel efficiency, in addition to the industry’s best reliability and world-class cost of ownership. ”

The LEAP-1B engine, which is the result of an exhaustive six-year collaboration effort with Boeing, is the exclusive powerplant for the new 737 variant, with the engine uniquely optimized for the airplane.   The 737 MAX continues a 30-year relationship between CFM and Boeing; CFM engines have been the sole powerplant for all 737 aircraft sold since 1981.

LEAP engines incorporate revolutionary technologies never before seen in the single-aisle aircraft segment.  The new engine combines advanced aerodynamic design techniques, lighter, more durable materials, and leading-edge environmental technologies, making it a major breakthrough in engine technology.

As a result, operators of the 737 MAX will achieve up to 13 percent lower fuel burn compared to today’s best CFM56-powered 737; an equivalent reduction in carbon emissions; a 50 percent reduction in NOx emissions versus current ICAO CAEP/6 requirements; a engine noise signature well below anticipated regulatory limits; all while maintaining the benefits of CFM’s legendary reliability and low maintenance costs.

Source: CFM International
Date: Oct 2, 2012