The Military Fighter Aircraft Market at $34.3Bn in 2012

The Military Fighter Aircraft Market 2012-2022, The latest defence report, values the market for fighter jets at $34.37bn in 2012.  Major programme developments are expected over the coming decade, with the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) leading a host of influential procurement projects, spanning both Western and emerging nations such as India, Saudi Arabia, and China.

An Defence Analyst stated that: ‘Fighter jets are the crown jewels of any military; both expensive and highly desirable. All major armed forces around the world are expected to invest in some way into their fighter aircraft capability over the coming decade, meaning that although the F-35 will grab the most headlines, significant procurement of both 4th and 5th generation platforms will drive what is truly a global defence market’.

The report has 329 pages and contains 296 tables, charts and graphs that utilise visual representation in order to clarify trends and market projections within the Military Fighter Aircraft Market. This report provides global and 4 regional forecasts and analysis for the period 2012-2022.  In addition, the report assesses the 25 leading national Military Fighter Aircraft Markets for the forecast period 2012-2022 (as well as an analysis of the ‘Rest of the World’ market). The report provides profiles of 34 leading companies operating within the market, along with inventory breakdowns of the leading 100 national Air Forces’ in the world.

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The Military Fighter Aircraft Market 2012-2022

The Military Fighter Aircraft Market 2012-2022 report will be of impressive value to current and future investors into the fighter aircraft industry, as well as to companies and research centres who wish to broaden their knowledge of the military fighter aircraft market.

Source: ASDReports - Market Research
Date: Oct 1, 2012