Telephonics' AN/ZPY-4 Completes GMTI Mode First Flight

Telephonics Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of Griffon Corporation (NYSE:GFF), announced today the successful flight test of the AN/ZPY-4(V) Maritime Surveillance Radar (AN/ZPY-4(V)) upgraded with a Ground Moving Target Indicator (GMTI) mode. This radar is an enhanced version of the radar designed and built for the US Navy's MQ-8 Fire Scout rotary wing Unmanned Aerial System. The successful 3.5 hour test was conducted at night using the Telephonics test aircraft.

With the addition of the GMTI mode, the AN/ZPY-4(V) is the first lightweight, long-range, X-band radar capable of moving seamlessly from blue water, to shoreline, and to overland operations. The GMTI mode allows automatic detection and tracking of moving targets using state-of-the-art ground clutter cancellation techniques. The enhanced AN/ZPY-4(V) uniquely combines the ability to operate in a maritime environment and employ overland, multi-channel GMTI mode in an optimal size, weight, and power for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV). These unique characteristics enable the AN/ZPY-4(V) to support UAV long endurance missions over land and sea, using a single radar sensor. Additionally, operation in a dense littoral target environment is supported using the U.S. Navy’s Ocean Surveillance Initiative (OSI) software that is fully integrated into the radar. This provides the unique integration of ship Automatic Information System (AIS) data providing rapid identification of threats with minimum operator workload. The AN/ZPY-4(V) is planned to include automated classification aids and sensor management capabilities being developed in cooperation with the U.S. Navy that will further improve Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance efficiency.

“Telephonics is proud to advance the capabilities of the AN/ZPY-4(V) to fully support the needs of the war fighter. Using a single sensor to address the changing conditions over land, over water, and in the littorals is a great advantage,” said Mr. Kevin McSweeney, Chief Operating Officer of Telephonics Corporation. “As the lightest package on the market today, the AN/ZPY-4(V) will give the U.S. Military an edge for both manned and unmanned operations at a very affordable price."

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Source: Telephonics Corp.
Date: Sep 28, 2012