GE's CF34-3 Engines Celebrate 20 Years of Regional Jet Service

In 1992, GE Aviation’s CF34-3 engines helped launch a new era in aviation when it entered service on Bombardier’s CRJ100 aircraft, spawning the beginning of regional jet segment in commercial aviation. Twenty years later, the CF34 engines continue to set the standard for performance, durability and reliability for regional jets around the world.

“GE has invested more than $2 billion in technologies and material in the CF34 engine since it entered service 20 years ago,” said Allen Paxson, general manager of the CF34 Engine Program at GE Aviation. “More than 5,600 engines are in service on regional jets today with 200 operators in more than 70 countries around the world. During the past 12 months, GE has already received more than 100 orders for CF34 engines as the regional jet engine fleet continues to grow, and GE forecasts this growth rate will continue through the decade.”

GE continues to develop new technologies that will benefit the CF34 program. The NG34 technology program for the next-generation CF34 engine is leveraging advanced technology from GE’s fuel-efficient low-emission eCore, such as advanced material, unique cooling technologies and 3-D aerodynamic design airfoils. The advanced technologies and material will enable the next-gen CF34 engine to be 15-20 percent more fuel efficient than the current CF34-10E engines in service today, with 35 percent margin on NOx emission to CAEP/6 and 15 EPNdb margin to Stage 4 noise regulations.

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Source: GE Aviation
Date: Sep 21, 2012