Successful test performed as BlueBird and Imint are finishing integration tasks

Successful integrated test were performed today by Israeli UAV system provider BlueBird and Swedish software company Imint. The test marks the near completion of joint software integration work being performed over the course of the last several months. Earlier this year BlueBird and Imint teamed together to integrate IMint’s unique low latency Vidhance® video processing engine in BlueBird’s ground control station software.

Vidhance® gives access to very efficient real-time video processing allowing for automatic local contrast optimization, pan, zoom, rotation, mosaicing and stabilization,increasing the likelihood of detecting time critical events. A built-in software tracker of loads the UAV operator of the task of keeping the detect target in sight freeing him to focus on converting video to actionable intelligence.

"The partnership with Imint allowed us to fast forward the maturing of our superior small UAV systems says BlueBird President and CEO Ronen Nadir. Adding state-of-the-art video processing capabilities strongly enhance the overall system performance."

BlueBird joins a growing list of companies that integrate Imints Vidhance® technology by using its flexible software development kit, SDK.

"BlueBird’s offers premium UAV capabilities for a demanding and fast growing market. To be able to add to those capabilities makes us extremely proud and confirms our strong position in the market says Imint managing director Harald Klomp."

Imint has designed it’s products for efficiency from its first market introduction; the Vidhance live video enhancement algorithms are optimized to enable them to run on resource constrained systems, such as ruggedized laptops.

Source: Imint
Date: Sep 18, 2012