Southern Illinois University Orders 3 Frasca FTDs

Southern Illinois University (SIU), Carbondale, has placed an order for three Flight Training Devices (FTDs) from Frasca International, Inc.

The order includes two Cessna 172R FTDs and a CRJ-200 Level 5 FTD. SIU is also upgrading their existing Frasca 172R FTD to have the same features as the two new 172R devices, including G1000, three channel projected cylindrical visual display and low-profile instructor cab.

The CRJ FTD will feature a three channel 220°x58° spherical visual display system. All four FTDs will be networked so that they can be seen as traffic in each FTDs visual display. The FTDs will all have TVG and a custom visual database for KMDH.

With the implementation of these devices, SIU strengthens their status as one of the top flight training universities in the nation. The 172 FTDs will enable efficient training for their new fleet of Cessna G1000 C172 aircraft and the expanded visual displays and custom database will allow more VFR training to be accomplished.  SIU’s investment in quality training equipment will allow better, more efficient training to be introduced in the device and expedite students transition to proficiency in the aircraft. With the Level 5 CRJ, SIU will be on the leading edge of upcoming advanced training requirements putting SIU graduates in a great position to reach a successful career in the airline industry.

Source: Frasca International
Date: Sep 11, 2012