Fokker Services and SriLankan Airlines Partner to Introduce EFB Solution

Fokker Services and SriLankan Airlines have concluded an agreement covering the introduction of Fokker Services’ EFB solution for iPad® on SriLankan Airlines’ A320, A330 and A340 fleet.  SriLankan will be the first airline to implement this solution on all Airbus narrowbody and widebody types.

The Fokker Services EFB solution for iPad® is a Class 2B, EASA-certified installation including mounting and power supply.  Its simplicity allows the advantages of an EFB to be achieved at a fraction of the cost and downtime of other solutions currently being offered.

SriLankan Airlines will initially be using the EFB solution for iPad® to allow flight manuals to be carried in digital format.  Thereafter, other functionalities such as aircraft take-off/landing performance calculation applications will be added.  This will provide savings in weight, as well as enhanced accessibility of information and performance data.  Ajith Welihinda, Flight Ops Manager for Aircraft Performance and Publications, and one of the EFB implementation team at SriLankan, stated ‘We are truly enthusiastic about the EFB solution for iPad® offered by Fokker Services.  It provides a simple, fully approved solution to be able to implement this program quickly and cost-effectively.’

After a successful introduction on the Fokker, Bombardier and Boeing market, this is a breakthrough for Fokker Services in the Airbus narrow-body and wide-body market as well as in the Asian market. ‘We are extremely proud to be partnering with such a professional and well-known airline as SriLankan on this project’, says Tom Milder, Director Modifications at Fokker Services.  ‘We are very impressed with the speed of implementation SriLankan shows with  this concept and  hope that this will generate more interest from other airlines in the Asia Pacific for this cost-effective EFB option.’

The Fokker Services EFB solution for iPad® covers not only the hardware to mount and power the iPad®, but also the associated certification and supporting data, such as manual supplements, to ensure that airworthiness compliance can be demonstrated.  This will simplify regulatory approvals and enable quick implementation as has been demonstrated by SriLankan Airlines.

Source: Fokker Services
Date: Sep 6, 2012