First Learjet 75 Production Aircraft Lights Up with Power On

Bombardier Aerospace’s Learjet 75 jet continues to achieve its development milestones with the first powering up of the aircraft’s electrical systems on the Wichita production line. Aircraft power, including to the new Bombardier Vision flight deck, was switched on during the week of August 21, 2012, as the aircraft progresses towards its 2013 entry-into-service.

“This is a fantastic achievement that highlights the tremendous efforts of every single person involved with this project,” said Ralph Acs, Vice President and General Manager, Learjet, Bombardier Business Aircraft. “This milestone represents a significant step forward for our Learjet aircraft family, as we were able to seamlessly integrate the Learjet 75 jet into our production flow. More importantly, this aircraft, our very first complete Learjet 75 aircraft, will play a pivotal role in the certification program.

“We have seen major changes to the aircraft’s wiring harness to accommodate the Garmin avionics, the heart of this totally new Bombardier Vision flight deck arrangement,” added Acs. “Not only did this require tremendous dedication from our Wichita team, but such a feat would not have been possible without our Belfast and Toronto sites.”

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The Learjet 70 and Learjet 75 test aircraft are continuing their development work as the program moves forward. There will be a total of five flight test aircraft: a modified Learjet 40 XR jet and a modified Learjet 45 XR aircraft are flying and focusing on avionics certification; a modified Learjet 45 XR jet will be used primarily for the interior and cabin management system; an existing Learjet 45 XR aircraft will be modified and utilised for testing and validating the performance improvements; and finally, the first production Learjet 75 aircraft.

A breakthrough in business aviation, the Bombardier Vision flight deck is designed to deliver a completely new cockpit experience by combining the best in technological advancements with superior design aesthetics. As such, it provides pilots flying the Learjet 70 and Learjet 75 aircraft an unprecedented level of control and comfort. The Bombardier Vision flight deck for Learjet 70 and Learjet 75 aircraft will feature the fully integrated Garmin G5000 digital avionics suite, designed with leading edge technology and one of the most intuitive crew interfaces available.

Source: Bombadier Aerospace
Date: Sep 6, 2012