Granite Tactical Vehicles Inc. Develops New Folding Gunner's Protective Armored Turret

Granite Tactical Vehicles, Inc., a designer and manufacturer of armored vehicles for government and law enforcement agencies and private security contractors announced the launch today of its folding gunner’s protective armored turret.  The turret when folded flat is lower than any other turret and is quicker to deploy.  One individual can handle the task in less than 15 minutes.

A notable shortcoming of the current gunner’s protective turrets used by the U.S. Army and Marine Corps are their unalterable 24-inch height above the vehicle roof during storage or transport, particularly inside a transport aircraft or below deck on board a ship.  Even while unmanned, these turrets’ heights also raise the vehicle’s center of gravity, making them more susceptible to rollover accidents.  When folded flat, the Granite turret adds just 5 inches to the vehicle’s height.

The Granite turret folds flat across the turret hatch for storage or transport, staying within the turret’s own footprint on the vehicle roof, yet is re-erected rapidly by one individual while maintaining all the current ballistic protection, visibility and operating characteristics, lethal and non-lethal weapons to be employed, and physical dimensions of the current turrets when in use.

When in use, the Granite folding turret has the same overall height above the vehicle roof as the Army’s OGPK (Objective Gunner’s Protective Kit) or the MCTAGS (Marine Corps Transparent Armored Gun Shield).  But when folded flat as for storage or transport, the vehicle’s overall height is reduced by 19 inches, and its center of gravity is lowered, reducing the likelihood of a rollover accident.

The Granite folding turret fits the current vehicle turret ring and uses its weapons mount and gunner’s shield attachment.  Armored steel cassettes hold ballistic glass panels for the turret and gunner’s shield.  An integral handle aids in installation and removal of each cassette.  The ballistic glass cassettes are identical in height, width, and depth, and are interchangeable.  The Granite folding turret provides for the addition of B-kit armor when the threat calls for it.

The Granite folding turret is ready for immediate deployment.

Source: Granite Tactical Vehicles Inc
Date: Aug 21, 2012