Two Austrians die as plane crashes in Czech Republic

Two Austrians were killed on Thursday when their small plane crashed upon landing near Opava, a city about 300 kilometres (190 miles) east of the Czech capital Prague, police and Czech media said.

"Around 1:20 pm (1120 GMT), we received a call saying a small plane had crashed in a field next to an airport," local police spokesman Rene Cernohorsky told AFP.

"The plane had an Austrian flag on the fuselage," he said, adding it had carried two people, a pilot and a passenger, whose identities were unknown for the moment.

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But the CTK news agency reported the two men were aged 42 and 67 years and had Austrian documents.

"It was an Austrian plane and the men were Austrians too," Pavel Strubl, head of the Czech institute investigating air accidents, told the DNES daily broadsheet, adding the plane had crashed upon landing.

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Source: AFP
Date: Aug 16, 2012