CAE MIL USA selects IFAD as preferred provider of MH-60R SEAHAWK training support services

IFAD TS A/S from Funen in Denmark receives conditional Letter of Intent from CAE USA as part of possible sale of MH-60R SEAHAWK to Danish Defense.

IFAD has been selected as a preferred provider of training support services by CAE USA and the two companies have signed a conditional Letter of Intent. If Denmark selects the MH-60R Seahawk helicopter, a future contract would make IFAD responsible for delivering a range of training support services in the training of Danish pilots and crews.

”The U.S. Navy and all the companies that make up Team Seahawk have taken offset obligations and the development of Danish industry very seriously,” says Benny Graff Mortensen, General Manager. “This represents a solid, long-term business opportunity to IFAD where we will not only be given the knowledge to conduct the work by one of the world’s leading simulation and training companies, but the contract term itself would be for ten years and position our company for growth”.

Should the MH-60R Seahawk win Denmark’s naval helicopter competition, IFAD anticipates that it could be awarded a multi-million dollar contract from CAE USA.

Source: IFAD TS A/S
Date: Aug 14, 2012