Simthetiq to Develop Visual 3D Military Models for NH90 Simulator

Simthetiq has recently been awarded a contract by Sogitec Industries to develop a vast number of military and civilian real-time 3D models for the French Army and Navy NH90 Helicopter FFS (Full Flight Simulator) MRTDs (Medium-Range Training Device) as well as future simulation and training programs. The development will include a wide array of naval and air entity 3D models ranging from helicopters and fighters to ships and submarines, not to mention a handful of ground vehicles.

To fulfil the tactical mission training requirements, Simthetiq will include specific feature and options within each vehicle model, adding to the level of realism and functionality. Standard features (available with all Simthetiq models) comprise of multiple LODs (levels of detail), authentic texture schemes, precise material codes, distinct damage states and accurate thermal signatures to name a few. The addition of navigational, formation and obstruction light points will, in turn, enhance day and night training scenario capabilities.

Source: Simthetiq
Date: Aug 14, 2012