Rockwell Collins launches RTK technology solution for secure GPS receivers

Rockwell Collins has launched the first operational Real Time Kinematic (RTK) Selective Availability Anti-Spoofing Module (SAASM) technology solution for secure GPS receivers.

Until now, military operations that required centimeter-level GPS navigation accuracy were based on commercial RTK GPS receivers. However, with the Rockwell Collins RTK SAASM technology solution, unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) can now achieve centimeter-level relative navigation accuracy for autonomous capture, landing, or other operations, while benefiting from the high-security features of the SAASM GPS receiver. The RTK SAASM solution also enables cost-effective solutions for many other applications including targeting and north-finding applications.

“This is the first RTK solution that is in compliance with the Office of the Secretary of Defense’s mandate for the use of SAASM GPS receivers,” said Dave Schreck, director of UAS and Control Technologies for Rockwell Collins. “We’ve created a truly low-cost, high-accuracy RTK SAASM solution that can be offered as an embedded capability in our existing Athena controls product line.”

The Rockwell Collins SAASM GPS is a single, tamper-resistant multi-chip security module that can be combined with other components and software into a complete GPS receiver. The Rockwell Collins RTK SAASM GPS solution is implemented on the smallest and lowest power MPE-S Type 2 device currently available. Rockwell Collins was the first in the industry to receive security approval for production of the SAASM GPS that incorporates a next-generation Precise Positioning Service (PPS) security module.

Source: Rockwell Collins, Inc. (NYSE: COL)
Date: Aug 8, 2012