Raytheon unveils cross domain strategy to securely access information via mobile devices

Raytheon Trusted Computer Solutions (RTCS), a wholly owned subsidiary of Raytheon Company (NYSE: RTN), today announced that it has broadened its leading cross domain solutions strategy to include the government's growing need to access classified cloud and terrestrial networks from a mobile phone or tablet device.

From soldiers in theater to government executives who are teleworking, the requirements for seamless collaboration have resulted in a need to access an increasing number of disparate classified or sensitive networks simultaneously from mobile devices.

"Our team is carefully watching industry developments and working with the best and most advanced technologies to ensure it continues to be the leader in providing cross domain users with the access they require, regardless of the device they use," said Ed Hammersla, chief operating officer for RTCS.

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"We are developing our mobile strategy based on direct user feedback," he said. "There is no 'one size fits all' solution. The level of security required for cross domain mobile computing varies from customer to customer; thus we are building sufficient flexibility into our mobile solution to enable us to meet a variety of needs."

To address these requirements, RTCS is introducing a secure redisplay client for its Trusted Thin Client® (TTC) system, an accredited commercial-off-the-shelf solution that provides users with secure simultaneous access to information on any number of different networks through a single connection point. This Bring Your Own Device solution will be released initially to enable mobile access to existing TTC infrastructure from personal or agency-issued devices. A demo of this solution is currently available. 

Using this multi-level security solution as the foundation for its mobile offerings, RTCS is currently developing other cross domain access technologies to address security postures ranging from TTC in the cloud to agency-issued trusted mobile platforms. 

RTCS also offers cross domain mobility with TTC Remote Access Implementation to enable remote authorized users to access multiple classified or sensitive networks from a laptop in the field. TTC Remote Access Implementation (RAI) boots from an encrypted USB memory stick or SD card. No sensitive data is stored on the device and the software leaves no trace once the memory stick is removed. TTC RAI is the company's first mobile cross domain solution used by government agencies.

Source: Raytheon Corporation (NYSE: RTN)
Date: Aug 8, 2012