Jet Aviation Basel signs narrow-body completions agreement for a BBJ3

Jet Aviation Basel recently signed an agreement with an undisclosed client from the Middle East for the completion of a BBJ3. Completions work on the cabin interior of this aircraft is scheduled to begin in the third quarter of 2012.

Jet Aviation Basel was recently contracted by an undisclosed client from the Middle East for the VIP cabin interior completions of a BBJ3 aircraft. The spacious cabin interior of the aircraft has been designed by Studio E/motions. The layout for the BBJ3 aircraft includes a spacious living area, a conference/dining room and a private bedroom with en-suite bathroom.

“We look forward to working on this custom-designed narrow-body completions project, which will enable us to utilize the best of our cabin interior-design expertise,” said Neil Boyle, Jet Aviation Basel’s vice president completions center.

Jet Aviation Basel has recently delivered two newly completed Airbus 340s – an A340-600 and an A340-300 – to undisclosed customers. Both aircraft feature highly customized V.V.I.P. interiors, breaking new boundaries when it comes to cabin detailing and complexity. The two aircraft were designed by Studio E/motions and Andrew Winch Designs, respectively.

During 2012 Jet Aviation Basel has also delivered a 319 CJ aircraft for an undisclosed customer. The aircraft interior was completed to an extremely high-specification V.V.I.P layout designed by Andrew Winch Designs.

“I am extremely proud of the entire Jet Aviation completions team. Their dedication, determination and hard work have been outstanding. I have never seen such complex and elegant interiors on any aircraft and the success of these projects is a credit to the talented people of Jet Aviation,” said Boyle.

“It has been a pleasure to work with some of the leading aviation design studios to complete these highly intricate completion projects,“ added Elisabeth Harvey, Jet Aviation Basel’s interior design manager. “With such beautiful and complex designs, as well use of new materials in each aircraft, it has been hugely rewarding to see these projects come to fruition.”

Source: Jet Aviation
Date: Aug 7, 2012