Ramora UK chosen to dispose of WWII mine Located close to North Sea pipeline

Ramora UK, a leading global provider of Bomb Disposal services, was tasked by Shell UK with the removal and safe disposal of a British moored mine from WWII located immediately adjacent to the FLAGS pipeline in the North Sea.

The mine, containing up to 500lbs of explosive, was located immediately adjacent to the pipeline about 100 km out from St Fergus at a depth of around 100 metres. The British-made mine was first discovered in 1993 during an annual ROV inspection and inspected by the Royal Navy which originally advised leaving it in place.

Since the decision was made to undertake the removal operation, Ramora UK worked closely with subsea engineers and teams within Shell to design the technology which reduced the potential risks and delivered a safe solution for disposal.

Despite the challenges posed by depth, pipeline proximity and age of the UXO, Ramora UK successfully completed this project as planned and without incident.

David Welch MIExpE, MIABTI, FCIM, Managing Director of Ramora UK, commented: “Being selected to carry out an operation of this scale is particularly gratifying for us as it highlights the extent to which our full EOD capabilities are being recognised.”

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Source: Ramora UK
Date: Aug 7, 2012