SS/L-Built Satellite for Intelsat Successfully Launched, Begins Post-Launch Maneuvers

Space Systems/Loral (SS/L) (NASDAQ: LORL), the world's leading provider of commercial satellites, today announced that the Intelsat 20 satellite, designed and built for Intelsat S.A., the world's leading provider of satellite services, was launched on Thursday, August 2, and is successfully performing post-launch maneuvers according to plan. The satellite deployed its solar arrays on schedule following its launch aboard an Ariane 5 launch vehicle provided by Arianespace from the European Spaceport in Kourou, French Guiana, and has begun firing its main thruster to complete its travel to geostationary orbit.

Intelsat 20 is the 47th spacecraft that SS/L has provided to Intelsat and it is the most powerful satellite in the Intelsat fleet. From its orbital slot at 68.5 degrees East longitude, it will provide high-power distribution of video, voice, and data network services in C- and Ku-bands across four continents.

"The launch of Intelsat 20 is one more testament to the success of our longstanding relationship with Intelsat and our ability to work together as a team," said John Celli, president of Space Systems/Loral. "It is always an honor for us to help support Intelsat's efforts to provide a critical layer to the global communications infrastructure."

The Intelsat 20 video neighborhood provides premium content that is carried by India's leading cable MSOs and DTH operators, reaching more than an estimated 90 million Pay-TV subscribers across India. Intelsat 20 also hosts the largest DTH platform in Africa.

The satellite is based on the Space Systems/Loral 1300 platform which has the flexibility to provide a broad range of high performance applications. It will replace Intelsat 10 and Intelsat 7, and is expected to have a service life of more than 18 years.

Source: Space Systems/Loral
Date: Aug 6, 2012