Alcoa Fastening Systems Awarded Multi-Year Contract By Lockheed Martin Corporation

TORRANCE, Calif., July 12, 2005--Alcoa Fastening Systems (AFS) announced today that it has reached agreement on a large multi-year contract to supply Lockheed Martin Corporation with millions of high-performance fasteners plus advanced installation systems for a wide range of military aircraft programs through 2010. Included in this agreement are AFS' advanced Eddie- Bolt(R) 2 structural pin system; anchor nuts; K-Fast(TM) nuts; Camloc(R) latches; Live Lock(TM), Mark IV(TM), and captive screw panel fastening systems; plus many screws, bolts, hydraulic fittings and installation tools. This contract supports F-16, F/A-22, F- 117, P-3, C-130, C-5, C-27, U-2, F-2, and T-50 programs at multiple Lockheed locations. Alcoa Fastening Systems is also a strong supporter of and provides many similar products for F-35 JSF development and production. Contact Ms. Anne Brown Manager Global Marketing Communications Tel: 1 714 449 4374 e-mail:

Source: Alcoa
Date: Jul 12, 2005