UAV Payload and Subsystems Market to be Worth $2.96bn in 2012 Says New Report on ASDReports

New nalysis indicates that the UAV Payload and Subsystems market will reach a value of $2.96bn in 2012, as more technologically advanced payloads become integral to a range of military and civilian UAV operations, amongst both established and emerging nations.

The UAV Payload and Subsystems market is forecast to record strong growth over the next decade, as the inherent cost and deployment advantages associated with UAVs continue to run in parallel with the development of payloads that are increasingly efficient, advanced and offer maximum mission value.

The author of the UAV Payload and Subsystems report commented that ‘The next decade will see the continued use of UAVs for a variety of complex and dangerous military operations. UAV Payloads and Subsystems are an essential part of overall UAV spending, with nations seeking to utilise the ‘low cost/high capability’ benefits of UAVs, and UAV payloads to undertake both ISR and attack operations.’

The report contains 162 tables, charts and graphs that add visual analysis in order to explain developing trends within the UAV payload and subsystems market. The study provides forecasts for the period 2012-2022 in terms of value (US$) for the global UAV payload & subsystems market, as well as for 7 separate submarkets (weaponry, electro optical/infrared (EO/IR), radar and lasers, intelligence, communication, navigation, detection) of the UAV payload market. In addition, 20 national UAV payload markets are forecast and analysed over the period 2012-2022. The report provides profiles of 30 leading companies operating within the market, and includes 3 interviews with principal UAV payload companies, providing expert insight alongside the analysis.

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The UAV Payload and Subsystems Market 2012-2022

The UAV Payload and Subsystems Market 2012-2022 will be of value to current and future potential investors into the UAV and UAV Payload industry, as well as companies and research centres who wish to broaden their knowledge of the UAV payload market.

Source: ASDReports - Market Research
Date: Aug 5, 2012