Iberia Launches New Auto Check-in Software to Reduce Check-in Time to Less Than 30 Seconds

Iberia today unveiled new software in its check-on-kiosks that can issue boarding cards and baggage tags in less than 30 seconds.

The new automatic check-in program is faster, more intuitive, better designed and easier to use than existing software.

Among the new features intended to streamline and ease the passenger's airport experience are the following:

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  • A new reader that allows the passenger to identify himself or herself by merely holding a national ID document or passport near, eliminating the need to type in identification data.
  • Passengers who have checked in online and downloaded and printed their boarding cards can hold them near the reader in order to switch the screen automatically to baggage mode.
  • The seat-selection screen is more intuitive, and enables visualisation of the aircraft cabin by zones.
  • The new application also permits passengers to pay for excess baggage on the spot by credit card, with no need to queue at a check-in counter.

The new application has been loaded in the nearly 30 check-in kiosks at Madrid airport Terminal 4, and will gradually be installed in those of other airports.

Aim: 90% auto-check-in

The new software is also intended to help Iberia achieve its goal of raising the proportion of passengers who use auto-check-in from the current 60% to at least 90%.

Ágora, Iberia's plan to revamp T4 procedures

The new software is part of Iberia's Ágora programme, aimed at making its T4 hub one of the world's most efficient airline hubs, while contributing to an improvement in flight punctuality and in customers' airport experience, and optimising the use of passenger service resources.

IATA's “Fast Travel” award for speeding passenger transit

Iberia's efforts under the Ágora programme were recognised by the IATA (International Air Transport Association) which gave the Spanish airline its "Gold Fast Travel Award" for speeding the transit of passengers and their luggage through the airport at all stages, from check-in through security control and boarding. The programme has also brought new efficiencies to baggage claim, recovery of lost baggage, and the issue of new boarding cards to passengers who have missed connecting flights. Only seven airlines in the world hold the "Fast Travel" award.

Source: Iberia
Date: Aug 2, 2012