EL AL Airlines Selects Morpho Detection's Compact CTX 5800 EDS for Hold Baggage Screening

Morpho Detection, Inc. (MDI), the explosives and narcotics detection business of Morpho, Safran group's security unit, today announced that EL AL Airlines has purchased two of its high-performance, reduced-footprint CTX explosives detection system (EDS), the CTX 5800™. The first unit has been deployed to screen hold baggage at New York's JFK International Airport. The second unit will be deployed to an undetermined airport this year.

EL AL Airlines, which procures and operates baggage screening equipment at each of their worldwide locations, chose CTX 5800 to be deployed at JFK Airport to compliment passenger screening efforts. Morpho Detection's CTX 5800 represents the next-generation in Computed Tomography (CT) explosives detection. By incorporating advanced high-definition 3-D (HD3-D) imaging in a compact design EDS, CTX 5800 can meet the most demanding screening challenges while helping airports maximize the effectiveness and efficiency of their hold baggage screening program.

"Morpho Detection is pleased EL AL has chosen CTX 5800 to help meet its high standards for hold baggage screening and passenger safety," said Emmanuel Mounier, president and CEO, Morpho Detection International, Inc., the international sales and service division of Morpho Detection. "By leveraging advanced imaging technologies in a smaller and lighter solution, CTX 5800 provides a unique and competitive solution for airports and airlines to increase their ability to identify threats, reduce false alarm rates and lower security costs. Morpho Detection is committed to delivering the solutions needed to help meet security challenges at airports of all sizes, and CTX 5800 is a demonstration of that commitment."

CTX 5800 is certified by the Israeli Security Agency (ISA), U.S. Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and approved by European Civil Aviation Conference (ECAC) as meeting European Union Standard 3 requirements.
With a baggage throughput ranging from 400 to 450 bags per hour (BPH), CTX 5800 can help airport operators plan for evolving threats and future expansion. CTX 5800 uses the innovative data acquisition system Clarity to offer identical imaging and data collection capabilities as its larger counterpart EDS, the TSA-certified and E.U. Standard 3-approved CTX 9800 DSi™.

Source: Safran S.A. (Paris: SAF.PA)
Date: Aug 1, 2012