US to Drive Global Aerospace Industry

According to a latest research, “Global Aerospace Industry Outlook 2015” the US has been the leader of aerospace and aviation industry as it is both the largest producer and marketplace for the industry. Besides being the world’s top aerospace and defense market, the country has the world’s biggest military budget. Growth of the US Aerospace and Defense industry depends largely on the spending outlook of defense departments, with the defense budget as the primary driver. US defense expenditure has considerably increased during the last few years on account of wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and the overall global disturbance.

Further, civil aircraft market which plummeted in 2010, is expected to revive in the coming years, fueled by the gradual recovery of the global economy. However, in near future, the rise in civil aircraft sales will be driven by growing commercial air traffic and higher fuel prices that will help the leading airlines to place orders for more efficient equipments. Thus, we anticipate that the civil aerospace industry will witness modest CAGR growth of around 2% during the forecast period (2012-2015), to cross US$ 230 Billion mark by 2015.

The report, “Global Aerospace Industry Outlook 2015”, spread across in 100 pages provides an extensive research and objective analysis of the global aerospace market and its various segments, including civil and military aerospace. In addition, the report entails a detailed analysis of the market in terms of developed and emerging markets. Each section sufficiently explains the segment, export and import of aerospace products by country, along with the ongoing developments in the aerospace market. It investigates both past and current trends of the aerospace market and outlines future trends to provide cutting edge market intelligence. The research contains exhaustive information on the market players that will help clients in formulating market strategies and assess opportunity areas in the global aerospace market.

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Global Aerospace Industry Outlook 2015

Source: ASDReports - Market Research
Date: Jul 26, 2012