Vuzix Receives Waveguide Optics Development Contract from US Army RDECOM CERDEC


Vuzix Corporation announced today that it has received phase I of a multiphase development contract, from the US Army RDECOM CERDEC, Night Vision and Electronics Sensors Directorate, for the development of a wide field of view See Through Waveguide ("STWG") for potential use in helmet mounted queuing systems and other head mounted display applications. The contract is to explore the possibility of supporting waveguide optics with fields of view in excess of 50 degrees and with a path to full color operation.

As part of the initial effort, Vuzix will deliver a STWG system that is full color capable with a 30 degree field of view as a basic demonstration of the principles of waveguide technology. The second component will be a trade-off study of two independent approaches in which Vuzix has offered to solve the wide field of view problem.  Follow-on phases are possible and would be to deliver working prototypes of one of the two options.

Paul Travers, President of Vuzix Corporation, stated, "Vuzix' waveguide technology is unique compared to competitive solutions in that it is capable of producing very wide fields of view with full color operation.  When it comes to see through optics, the combination of these two features is critical for the coming needs of personal heads-up displays and Augmented Reality applications.  Anything less than color, see through and 50 degree fields of view for many applications will compromise both the performance and the users' expectations."

Mr. Travers continued, "This system is based on Vuzix waveguide technology consisting of a transparent blade of glass or polymer that is just 1.4mm thick.  The blade is then employed as the primary lens in see through video glasses that are similar in form factor to regular sunglasses."

Source: Vuzix Corporation
Date: Jul 25, 2012