Zodiac Hurricane(r) Rib Supplied As Key Element of the New L'adroit's Advanced Capabilities

Zodiac Milpro sector has supplied a top-of-the- range Zodiac Hurricane®  ZH935 Mach 2 RIB for use by the advanced new Offshore Patrol Vessel, L'Adroit. Built under a programme funded by defence group DCNS, this innovative maritime platform, with a length of 87 metres, is now on loan to the French Navy for three years. During this period, it will be used for a range of maritime security duties including fisheries patrol, anti-drug enforcement, search and rescue, environmental protection and humanitarian aid.

The vessel incorporates the latest technology throughout as well as advanced design features aimed at enabling it to excel in its varied roles. The Zodiac Hurricane® RIB will be central to many of these duties and will be deployed from a unique launching ramp in the L'Adroit’s stern. This will enable the RIB to be deployed and recovered quickly and safely in different sea states and will greatly enhance the L'Adroit's capabilities.

The nine-metre Zodiac Hurricane® ZH935 Mach 2 comes from the same product family as the first RIB to complete the North West Passage around Arctic Canada.  It is one of the most speed efficient RIBs made by Zodiac Milpro and is powered by two Steyr diesel outdrives (2X285 HP) that enable it to carry 10 people at speeds above 46 knots over a distance of 200 nautical miles. Shock mitigation seating enables those aboard to remain fully operational even after a long passage in extreme sea conditions. The aluminium hull and the heavy duty inflatable collar also combine to make the ZH935 a durable and reliable craft that is popular with the military or professional seafarers who may be required to use it daily.

The exceptional speed and performance of the ZH935 arises from Zodiac Milpro’s unique patented MACH II step hull design. The air channelled hull reduces water resistance while its deep V configuration combines with it to provide a low centre of gravity. These features result in increased speed and directional stability together with greater manoeuvrability and improved fuel economy.

The Zodiac Hurricane® RIB has already been delivered to DCNS and has been operated by the French navy since entering service in March 2012.

Source: Zodiac
Date: Jul 24, 2012