AeroSimulators enhances the GIST product line

AeroSimulators demonstrated their recently enhanced GIST product line at the Airborne Law Enforcement Association Conference (ALEA) in Reno, Nevada.   The popularity of the GIST amongst the Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) community has been steadily growing.  With that growth there has been an increased demand for higher fidelity scenarios and integration with commonly used mapping products. The GIST currently simulates the following airborne camera systems and interfaces:
- L-3 Wescam:
-- Camera Systems: MX-10, MX-15, MX-15Di, MX-15HDi, MX-20, MX-20HADD and MX-20HD
-- Simulated Interfaces:
--- MX Series Hand Control Unit (HCU)
--- MX Series Operator Control Unit (OCU)
- FLIR Systems:
-- Camera Systems: Ultra 8500, Safire III and Safire III HD
-- Simulated Interfaces:
--- Ultra 8500 Hand Control Unit
--- Safire Hand Control Unit
--- Ultra 8500 Interface Box (Allows the use of OEM Ultra 8500 HCU and LCU)
- Raytheon:
-- Camera Systems: MTS-A and MTS iNav
-- Simulated Interfaces:
--- MTS-A Hand Control Unit
--- MTS-A Interface Box (Allows the use of OEM MTS HCU)

AeroSimulators has responded to the increased demand for scenario fidelity by expanding the GIST Sensor Image Generation options to include a VT Mak VR-Vantage based Sensor Image Generator (IG). VR-Vantage applications contain native support for integration with VT Mak’s VR-Forces Scenario Generation tool.  The VR-Forces interface provides users with a simple and intuitive mechanism for generating and running high fidelity scenarios that integrate with the “GIST Mak IG” over Distributed Interactive Simulation (DIS) and High Level Architecture (HLA) simulation protocols.  In addition to the new “GIST Mak IG”, the GIST supports sensor image generation using X-Plane 9, X-Plane 10 and Flight Safety International’s Vital-X.

At the request of a US Government client, the GIST was integrated with the Augmented Reality mapping System (ARS).  Working together with Churchill Navigation, AeroSimulators integrated a software version of the airborne ARS with sensor images generated by the newly released X-Plane 10, providing a high degree of correlation between the 3D terrain model generated by X-Plane 10 and the overlay applied by the ARS.

At the request of both US Government and international clients, the GIST was also integrated with the EuroNav 5 mapping system.  Working together with EuroAvionics, AeroSimulators integrated with both the airborne hardware and software only versions of the EuroNav system.

Source: AeroSimulators
Date: Jul 13, 2012