Azul Brazilian Airlines Expands Its CF34 OnPoint Solution Agreement

Azul Brazilian Airlines is adding 42 CF34-10E engines to its existing 15-year OnPointSM solution services agreement for the maintenance, repair and overhaul of its CF34-10E engines that power its EMBRAER 190 aircraft.  The value of the OnPoint solution for the additional engines is more than $600 million (USD) over the life of the agreement.

"Azul's record-breaking growth in Brazil is directly associated to the valuable support of important partners such as GE Aviation. Over the years, GE has played a vital role in helping the airline achieve industry-leading operational standards," said Alex Malfitani, financial director and treasurer at Azul Brazilian Airlines.

"With this expanded services agreement, GE Aviation will handle the maintenance of Azul's entire jet engine fleet," said Doug Izarra, general sales manager for the Americas at GE Aviation. "GE is excited to play a vital role in the airline's growth plans, and we look forward to helping them expand and better serve their customers."

Source: GE Aviation
Date: Jul 10, 2012