GE Aviation Enhances CF6-80E Engines for Airbus A330 Aircraft

GE Aviation will refine component efficiencies across the CF6-80E1 engine to provide up to a one percent improvement in fuel efficiency for Airbus's enhanced A330 aircraft with a 240 ton takeoff-weight capability and an extended nautical mile range. Deliveries of the newly enhanced CF6-80E1 engine are targeted for 2015.

"Since GE Aviation's CF6-80E1 engine entered service on the A330 in 1994, GE Aviation and Airbus have committed to investing in the engine and aircraft to provide additional benefits to customers," said Chuck Williams, general manager of the CF6 Program at GE Aviation. "The enhancements to the engine and aircraft will allow for an increased payload, greater range and lower operating costs on the CF6-80E1 engine."

GE's CF6 engine family has accumulated more than 375 million flight hours since entering service in 1971. With this extensive knowledge, GE Aviation will further improve the operating efficiencies of the CF6-80E1 design to improve engine performance.

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Over the last decade, GE has seen an increase in engine time on wing for the CF6-80E1 engine, which has helped the engine establish the lowest operating and maintenance costs compared to other A330 engine options. The enhancements will become the production standard for all new CF6-80E1 engines. Current operators will have the option to incorporate many of these enhancements at engine overhaul.  More than 500 CF6-80E1 engines have been delivered for the Airbus A330 aircraft.

Source: GE Aviation
Date: Jul 10, 2012