New Capabilities for CockpitNG Providing Enhanced Situational Awareness and Mission Management

Elbit Systems' CockpitNG®, the unique next generation cockpit for fighter aircraft, helicopters, trainers and airlifters offers new, advanced capabilities to be showcased at the upcoming Farnborough International Airshow 2012.

The new and upgraded version of the CockpitNG® is comprised of a large area display (LAD), a Low-Profile Head-up Display (LPHUD) and Elbit Systems Targo® Helmet Mounted Avionics system. New applications are projected on all elements of the CockpitNG®, displaying all relevant data while hiding the irrelevant information to prevent overload. In the new enhanced version presented, the high quality LAD touch-screen offers a unique concept of operation, enabling pilots to personalize their displays, applications and information with a sweep of a finger, according to specific mission requirements.

An advanced display fusion engine has been developed, enabling information to be fused in multiple layers, yet displayed in one place. The cutting-edge 3D map concept of operation, centered in large size, projects a 3D image of the world , viewing fused information from own-ship sensors and data-link members' sensors. The projection of fused synthetic and real pictures, videos, sensors and information makes any mission possible and supports successful achievement of enhanced mission goals in all weather conditions.

In the modern battlefield, where information and data management are crucial to mission success, the solution offered by Elbit Systems in the CockpitNG® provides an ideal suite for enhanced pilot situational awareness and improved mission management system.

Source: Elbit Systems Ltd.
Date: Jul 9, 2012