Trilogy delivers world-class communications to SES

Trilogy, a world class supplier of voice communications technologies for the industrial, broadcast and defence sectors has been selected to provide a Mercury multi-site IP communications system to SES to co-ordinate mission critical activities across its nine internationally located operations and tracking stations.

SES, which launched their 50th satellite in February, provides high-bandwidth communication links anywhere in the world. These links help broadcasters deliver over 6000 TV and radio channels to over 258 million homes worldwide; deliver connectivity to companies through reliable networks, broadband access and flexible services and ensure secure and reliable communications links for governments and international institutions.

Now installed and operational the Mercury system provides highly robust communications between SES’s Spacecraft Operations Centres (SOCs) and Telemetry, Tracking and Control (TT&C) Stations located in the USA, Canada, Luxemburg, Gibraltar, Mexico and Belgium. These systems, linked over industry standard IP connections, enable operators to communicate freely during routine operations including repositioning of the satellites, configuration of ground systems as well as planned and unplanned maintenance.

Each of the nine locations features a Mercury Interface Unit (MIU) with a dual redundant power supply and a second standby unit reflecting the critical nature of the operations they will be supporting. Operator positions are equipped with a 16 Key communications panel providing latching or non-latching participation in one-to-one, group or conference calls. All of the groups and conferences are easily configured by SES using the PC based Mercury Configuration Editor.

The systems include a number of features which have added significantly both to SES’s communications capability and to the overall operational efficiency. These include a Quick Response (QRS) key which inherits the number of the last person to call a panel even if they do not normally have a key to call that person allowing operators to respond rapidly in even the most stressful moments. The system also features audio recording using a Stancil VoIP Network Recorder accessible from a back-up or live from any point on the network, recording is configurable based on current or planned operations.

"Trilogy provides solutions for its customers using a combination of COTS technology and a tailored configuration" said Mark Ellis, director Trilogy Communications. “We pride ourselves in listening to what the customer wants and delivering it to them”

Source: Trilogy Communications Ltd
Date: Jul 8, 2012