Integrated Global navigation satellite System Certified on Fokker 70 and Fokker 100 aircraft

Fokker Services announces the successful certification of the integrated Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) for the Fokker 100 and Fokker 70 aircraft. On Wednesday June the 20th we received the Major Change Approval from EASA in Cologne.

With the integrated GNSS system Fokker operators will be able to obtain a  more accurate aircraft track keeping performance allowing for shorter approaches and lower decision heights, saving time and fuel, lowering carbon emissions and, not least, enhancing safety and schedule reliability.

Fokker Services has developed a modification that provides GPS navigation with high accuracy and integrity while retaining today’s full FMS capability. In a smart way Fokker Services combines inertial navigation data and GPS navigation data to feed into the existing flight management system. This prevents the introduction of an all-new flight management system with the associated large investment.

Source: Fokker Services
Date: Jun 26, 2012