ITT Exelis Coastal Surveillance Radar System Operational at 1st Swedish Installation Site

ITT Exelis (NYSE: XLS) has successfully delivered, installed and completed preliminary acceptance testing of the first radar system in Sweden designed to enhance the country’s coastal surveillance capabilities.

The enhancements to the Swedish radar systems are based on the Exelis LCR-2020 radar system and its integrated, turnkey coastal surveillance system, the SABER-2020. They are part of the Reliability and Modification (REMO) 870 Program to modernize Sweden’s coastal surveillance radar systems.

“This is a critical milestone for Exelis and the Swedish Armed Forces as it marks the official start of enhancing Sweden’s ability to defend its entire coastline,” said Chris Bernhardt, Exelis executive vice president and president of Exelis Electronic Systems. “The Exelis LCR-2020 radar provides effective mission operations in all weather conditions, at all times, against all key threats. It is ideally suited to achieve the operational mission requirements of the Swedish military even in a hostile environment.”

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The Swedish Defence Material Administration and Saab have already completed verification and validation testing of the interfaces between the radar system and the command and control System. The radar system is performing flawlessly, according to the Swedish Defense Material Administration. The next phase involves extensive performance testing at the first permanent installation site on the coast of Sweden.

“We are excited as we enter the operational environment test phase for sea targets, as the upgraded system recently met expectations regarding air targets,” said Major Ulf Finer, program manager for HKV, the Swedish Armed Forces Headquarters. “It is our opinion that REMO will continue to be a successful program meeting high-performance parameters for years to come.”

The key differentiators of the Exelis LCR-2020 that set it apart from typical coastal surveillance radar systems are longer range, increased coverage of air targets, all-weather performance, a wide range of electronic counter-countermeasures features, and very detailed environmental awareness. These attributes make the Exelis LCR-2020 an extremely high- performing and optimal solution for coastal-border surveillance and gap-filler requirements.

Source: ITT Exelis
Date: Jun 26, 2012