CORENA announces support of S1000D Issue 4.1 and provides automated deliveries of A350

CORENA, a global leader in S1000D software and implementation services, announced today the release of Version 6.4 of its CORENA S1000D software suite that supports S1000D Issue 4.1.

Even though not officially released, support for S1000D Issue 4.1 is already a requirement within the industry. By incorporating Issue 4.1 now, customers who need to meet S1000D delivery demands for Issue 4.1, are allowed greater interoperability of data to their supply chain.

In other words; the new CORENA S1000D suite will provide suppliers working on Issue 4.1 programs with an out-of-the-box solution, enabling them to gen­erate, manage, and produce data in compliance with these program require­ments

The CORENA S1000D Suite was designed to easily adapt to changes in the S1000D Specification. Incorporating these changes into our software in a timely manner will enable our clients to review and seamlessly transition to the new issue when it is released. And a number of key CORENA customers have already committed to using the new Issue 4.1 version very soon after its official release”, says Toralf Johannessen, CEO & President, CORENA.

On top of the new Issue 4.1 support, CORENA has preconfigured the S1000D Suite to automate the stringent delivery needs for the Airbus A350 program.

This solution is going to save A350 suppliers a lot of time and money because they will not have to go through the processes of understanding the data requirements and rules, implementing software and configuring it correctly to generate their data according to the A350 requirements”, Toralf Johannes­sen continues. “Furthermore it helps to shorten the normally lengthy S1000D learning curve.”

Source: CORENA
Date: Jun 22, 2012