GD UK to showcase Land Open Systems Architecture approach at DVD 2012

General Dynamics UK will showcase its vision of the Land Open System Architecture (LOSA) at this year’s DVD demonstration taking place at the Millbrook Proving Ground in Bedfordshire on Wednesday 20th and Thursday 21st June. The company’s showcase, called “Base of the Future,” demonstrates how its integrated open architecture brings together legacy, UOR and future technologies for improved data availability to all platforms – base, vehicle and soldier. Enabled by General Dynamics UK’s patented Core Infrastructure Distribution System (CIDS), it utilises the numerous capabilities of BCIP 5.4 and the company’s force protection surveillance solutions.

Base of the Future demonstration
As part of the demonstration, multiple data sets from functions such as logistics, force protection and usage monitoring, will be visualised on large screens contained within a mobile Operations Room. Each screen will show data sets from within the base, promoting task-and load-sharing between users to improve decision making, tempo of operations and data access.

By using an integrated open architecture, data can be “fused” to provide additional information. Equipment that provides critical capabilities, such as shot detection, video distribution of forceprotection video surveillance streams and health and usage monitoring (HUMS), will be easily integrated into CIDS through plug-and-play power and data nodes, providing a base-wide open architecture.

At DVD 2012, General Dynamics UK will demonstrate data fusion between a shot detection system, video surveillance systems and ELVIS, a 3D rendered map of a local area. When a shot is “detected,” its location and distance are transmitted through the CIDS network to the central processor. The video surveillance system is tasked to focus on the location and the 3D mapping system and Geo Suite system is updated with the same location data. This visual and mapped information can be communicated to the user. This information will then be sent to a dismounted soldier through a General Dynamics PathMaker radio combined with the GD300 hand-held computer, enabling them to identify threats and take appropriate action, increasing the tempo of operations.

General Dynamics UK will also demonstrate how the Scout SV is an additional ISTAR asset by accessing a feed from the Scout to provide additional situational awareness. Using in-service Bowman HCDR radios on-board an SV, the video will be streamed back to the command and control centre for further analysis and distribution, again improving the quality of information available and the quality of decision making.

Logistics as part of the whole
In addition the combat-focused demonstration, General Dynamics UK will showcase its Integrated Fleet Management System (IFMS). This system automatically downloads health and usage data from a Jackal and Foxhound vehicles and a number of other generators. The data is automatically collected in a database where it can be assessed. The system automatically generates reports on the fleet and if certain parameters have been exceeded for equipment, automated emails are generated to ensure the identified issues are resolved quickly.

This system ensures higher availability and reduced servicing costs for the monitored equipment, and lower cost of ownership for the customer’s platforms. The IFMS data can be accessed through web browsers.

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Source: General Dynamics Corporation (NYSE: GD)
Date: Jun 19, 2012