Inmedius Advances S1000D Solutions to Mobile Arena

Inmedius®, Inc., a Boeing Company, continues to drive innovation in the S1000D technical publications marketplace with the introduction of mobile accessibility for its S1000D Publishing Suite™. Inmedius has developed a cross platform approach to enable viewing of an S1000D Interactive Electronic Technical Manual (IETM) on Apple® iPad® and iPhone® mobile devices, and Android™ smartphones and tablet computers.

The new feature will allow S1000D technical authors, maintenance crews and operational staff to download and access IETMs through mobile devices. Users can also search aircraft maintenance IETMs, review its Table of Contents, use Bookmarks, use hotspots, insert Notes, navigate the document through hyperlinks, and view high quality illustrations.

“The reality is that an increasing number of companies are purchasing mobile devices such as tablet computers,” stated Sean Rushing, Inmedius Director of S1000D Products and Services. “Expanding IETM delivery capability to mobile devices increases portability and flexibility, enhancing and changing the way people work. The key is to not only provide access from mobile devices, but also to create a familiar interface across multiple platforms so that users can transition seamlessly.”

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Live demonstrations of these new mobile access features on multiple devices will be on display at Booth #7 at the S1000D User Forum in Denver, Colorado on June 18 - 21. Attendees may also pick up the latest edition of the popular ASD S1000D Pocket Guide, or download the interactive electronic version for use on mobile devices. The 54-page Pocket Guide from Inmedius has been updated to include information from the Issue 4.1 Pre-release Package. Easy-to-use, the quick reference to the specification includes sections outlining its History, Organization, Process, Basic Concepts, and Information Structures.

The Inmedius S1000D Publishing Suite is a comprehensive solution set of easy-to-use modules that integrate authoring through publishing. Learn more about the Suite and request an electronic or printed version of the new Issue 4.1 Pocket Guide at

Inmedius, a Boeing Company, is a global leader in delivering innovative, performance-oriented applications and services that capture, create, manage and deploy information and learning assets.  By applying these solutions, Inmedius customers, and their clients, are enabled to share an unprecedented level of productivity and efficiency. In addition to defense program services, Inmedius provides Content Management, S1000D, ATA, DITA and learning management lifecycle solutions for publishing, aerospace, defense, government, manufacturing, and health care organizations worldwide.

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Source: Inmedius
Date: Jun 13, 2012