TactiCall in Afghanistan

The TactiCall communication setup is handling all Ground/ Air communication in the sector as well as the Ground/ Ground communication within the MACC setup including internal and external as well as SATCOM lines.

Up until now the system has been in full operation for more than 2000 hours with an operational uptime of 99.8 % which is extraordinary under normal operational conditions.

“We are extremely proud that our system has been launched as part of the Danish setup in Afghanistan. Not only because it shows the system’s ability to be used in various setups and expeditionary operations - but even more so because it has proven very stable and reliable – even under the extreme conditions encountered in Northern Afghanistan”, says Andreas Husum Fyhr, Project Manager at Saab.

The TactiCall system in use is a MACC mobile setup with Single operator positions for combined Ground/Ground and Ground/Air communication.

The system also includes local Ground/Air interfaces for internal Camp-Communication and Secure radios (which can be used for both secure & non-secure communication).

In addition to this, the system includes mobile and remote radio sites with HQII radios for both plain and secure radio communication.

Source: Saab AB (OMX Stockholm: SAAB B)
Date: Jun 13, 2012