Barracuda MCS - more than camouflage

Saab Barracuda has developed and improved Barracuda MCS; Mobile Camouflage Systems; to become a flexible solution providing multispectral protection against detection, identification and climate control for vehicles and equipment.

Focusing on partnerships
Due to its unique flexibility the Barracuda MCS with integrated heat reduction system (CoolCam) is an ideal solution for working in partnerships with vehicle manufacturers on the defence market. At Eurosatory 2012 this is displayed as part of the Saab stand as well as in our partners’ stands.

Combat proven system
Over the years defence forces around the world have focused on hiding their positions in order to avoid being detected and identified by their enemies. With the rapid development of sensor technologies this is more important than ever. Also, today many military operations are located to areas of the world where hot climate puts a lot of strain on personnel, vehicles and equipment.

The Barracuda Mobile Camouflage System (MCS) is essentially a tailor-made, multi-purpose, Combat Vest enhancing survivability, sustainability and the logistics of a vehicle or platform relative a specific operational environment/requirement.

The Barracuda MCS/CoolCam is a combat proven system already in use with many armed forces around the world.

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Source: Saab AB (OMX Stockholm: SAAB B)
Date: Jun 11, 2012