Patria to showcase Patria AMV, Nemo and innovations in ELINT systems and data links

Patria is a key player in the defence, security and aviation industries. On June 11 - 15 Patria will take part in Eurosatory defence exhibition held in Paris and exhibits there especially Patria AMV, armoured wheeled vehicle, Patria Nemo mortar system and Patria's ARIS, Advanced Real-Time Intelligence System, as well as wearable textile antennas. Patria’s display is located in Hall 6, D-338.

Patria is a trusted provider of defence, security and aviation life-cycle support services and technology solutions. The most significant export products include Patria AMV, the Armoured Modular Vehicle and Patria Nemo mortar system, both of which are undisputed leaders in their respective fields of market. Patria's situational awareness systems represent also innovative solutions for the needs of modern defence. Patria showcases all these products and solutions at the defence exhibition Eurosatory held in Paris June 11-15. Patria’s stand is located in Hall 6, D-338.

Patria AMV – the undisputed market leader of modern 8x8s

Patria is a leading supplier of modern armoured wheeled vehicles. Patria AMV combines high payload capacity with the latest technology. These features enable the simultaneous integration of a high level of protection and heavy weapon systems without compromising the mobility of the vehicle.

Patria AMV has been developed to provide optimal modularity of components and to be adaptable for a wide range of versions without changes in basic vehicle systems. Versions are based on four hull models. Patria already holds contracts for approximately 1,400 vehicles – to Finland, Poland and Sweden among others.

Patria Nemo offers speed and efficiency in fire missions

Patria is the global market leader in turreted mortar systems. Patria Nemo is a state-of-the-art remote-controlled 120 mm mortar system. Patria Nemo provides both direct and indirect fire support with high firepower, excellent signature management and ballistic/NBC protection.

Patria Nemo’s low weight makes the system adaptable to various vehicle and vessel types. Patria Nemo has been proven in its selection by the United Arab Emirates Navy and by a United States Foreign Military Sales (FMS) project.

Innovations in ELINT systems and data links

Patria is a provider of reconnaissance, surveillance and command and control systems as well as of related life-cycle support services. Providing systems for the use of situational awareness data-gathering and presentation is at the core of Patria’s system know-how.

One of Patria’s latest products to attract international attention is ARIS, the Advanced Real-Time Intelligence System.

ARIS is a wideband ELINT system designed for real-time signal analysis. ARIS provides enhanced detection and analysis capability for dense signal environments; frequency sweeping and frequency hopping signals; previously unknown signals and simultaneous emitters. It combines all ELINT functionalities (search spectrum, real-time spectrum analyzer, pulse analyzer, time-domain display and wide band recorder with playback) in a single remote-operable unit.

Also Patria's competence in data links will be featured at Eurosatory. Know-how gained in developing Finnish National F-18 Data Link system together with its partners is now utilized in Multi Purpose Networking Datalink (MPNDL) for Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) and other harsh applications.  MPNDL offers a solution to fill capability gaps faced in today’s Network Centric Environment.

Wearable textile antennas

Textile antennas are among the newest solutions. A textile antenna is an antenna, which is composed of conventional or industrial fabrics, and typically conductive antenna parts are made out of modern conductive fibers. Textile antennas can be embedded into clothing in a seamless way. In military and security applications this enables the integration of different wireless functionalities. Patria has internationally recognized know-how in textile antenna design. In addition to product family of VHF-, S- and L-band SoftWear antennas, other frequency variables are available on request.

Source: Patria Oyj
Date: Jun 10, 2012