Elbit Presents a Range of End-to-End Solutions for Terrain Dominance and Enhanced Situational Awareness

The following systems will be launched at the show:

  • VWS Radar for Active Protection Systems: Provides soft/hard protection onboard light or heavy armored vehicles and stationary applications
  • ELSAT 2100 Satellite on-the-move: Low profile rugged bi-directional vehicular antenna
  • XACT-NV32: Micro-compact night vision monocular for enhanced observation performance, head, helmet or weapon mounted

At the upcoming Eurosatory 2012 exhibition set to take place in Paris, from June 11 to 15, Elbit Systems will present a wide range of advanced systems and solutions designed for "Terrain Dominance" and enhance connectivity and interoperability. The Company’s exhibition booth (D640) in the Israeli Pavilion (Hall 6) will provide visitors with an excellent opportunity to experience a new and unique multi-media presentation, launchings of the Company's cutting-edge solutions for individual soldiers and fighting vehicles, as well as additional advanced systems and solutions for Land and C4I, Electro-Optics, EW and Protection Systems, Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) and more.

A new live multimedia presentation will demonstrate a variety of capabilities that position Elbit Systems as a global leader in achieving "Terrain Dominance":

Terrain Dominance is the ability to control an area, relying primarily on advanced remote-controlled technologies and autonomous means,thus minimizing human presence and exposure. This unique concept relies on total intelligence coverage of the controlled area, efficient command and control measures (including sensors and fire elements), advanced networking infrastructure for connectivity among all echelons and "fires for effect" for engaging targets throughout the controlled area. Using a variety of cutting-edge solutions and systems, Elbit Systems will demonstrate the achievement of "Terrain Dominance" via a new multi-media presentation at the Company booth.

Source: Elbit Systems Ltd.
Date: Jun 6, 2012