GD Awarded $7 M by US Navy for Aegis Illuminators

General Dynamics Armament and Technical Products was awarded a $6.9 million contract modification by the U.S. Navy for the continued production of MK82 gun and guided missile directors and MK200 director controllers for Aegis Combat System illuminators.  General Dynamics Armament and Technical Products is a business unit of General Dynamics (NYSE: GD). 

The MK 82 and MK 200 are critical components of the Aegis missile fire-control system’s illuminator.  The director positions the fire control system antenna to illuminate the target.  The director controller MK 200 generates the drive signals that position the director.  The Aegis Combat System is the most advanced tactical radar defense and fire-control system fielded by the Navy to defend ships from anti-ship missile threats.

This award modifies a contract originally issued in September 2010 by the Naval Sea Systems Command and previously modified in March, 2011.  The new $6.9 million award increases the total contract value to-date to $29.5 million.  Under these contracts, the MK82 directors and MK200 director controllers will be installed aboard ships built under the restart of the DDG 51 shipbuilding program. 

Program management, assembly and testing of directors and director controllers will begin in August at General Dynamics’ facilities in Vermont, which employs approximately 400 people.  The delivery of all illuminator components will be completed by June 2013. 

“General Dynamics Armament and Technical Products has a long record of affordable production and on-time delivery of these critical components of the Aegis System,” said Steve Elgin, vice president and general manager of armament systems.  “The Aegis Weapon System has played an important part in fleet defense for over 20 years.  The system remains relevant today and will be viable for decades to come as part of the Missile Defense Agency's Integrated Ballistic Missile Defense capabilities.”

Source: General Dynamics Corporation (NYSE: GD)
Date: Jun 5, 2012