Gilat Satcom Extends Satcom User Capabilities with the Launch of Two New Solutions

Gilat Satcom - a leading communication solutions provider of satellite and fiber-based connectivity services - will introduce two new solutions, SuricatePRO – Wireless Iridium Link, and Iridium Tactical Radio - Dynamic Relay System at Eurosatory, June 11-15 in Paris at booth #CD671 in the Israel national pavilion, Hall 6.  SuricatePRO connects iridium users who are located in underground, closed, and remote facilities, and Iridium Tactical Radio connects the headquarters to the field tactical radio via the Iridium network.

SuricatePRO – Wireless Iridium Link
Suricate provides complete coverage for iridium (satellite) devices in underground and other closed facilities without the need for a sky view. Available in either wired (Suricate) or wireless (SuricatePRO) configurations, the solution allows communication over iridium satellite phones - up to three calls simultaneously - within secure surroundings such as military operation rooms, bunkers, etc.

Additionally, Suricate’s unique capabilities provide iridium users with many of the benefits of optical fiber, including improved signal quality and ease of installation in addition to extending GPS signal indoors. With Suricate solutions, antennas can be located up to 6 km from a structure, thus enabling the facility's location to remain concealed. The solution - which is already operational - is ideal for military facilities, mines, high-security installations, expeditions to remote locations, skyscrapers, and maritime users.

Iridium Tactical Radio Solution
Gilat Satcom's Iridium Tactical Radio Solution enables headquarters to be an active part of the tactical network, regardless of the distance between them. The solution is based on a DRS unit (Dynamic Relay System) which offers  a set of features for tactical radio communication - giving IP Mesh Radio features to any tactical communication system, whatever the frequency range or modulation method. Equipping a network with DRS devices instantly provides tactical echelons with ad-hoc networking capabilities.
According to Gilat Satcom's Head of Mobile Satellite Division, Ami Schneider, "We are pleased to introduce two new solutions at Eurosatory - the end result of a process of R&D whose goal was to ensure reliable, continuous communications for military and governments, anytime, anywhere. We are dedicated to supplying our customers with complete satellite communications solutions, for every location - whether on the battlefield, at their headquarters, or in the bunker."

Source: Gilat Satcom
Date: Jun 5, 2012